Lou Baron Sings “Love’s Theme” A Great Musical Piece from The Master Of Love Himself Barry White by Maria Urduja Osit-Li

via Lou Baron Sings “Love’s Theme” A Great Musical Piece from The Master Of Love Himself Barry White by Maria Urduja Osit-Li


A comeback of Pinoy action film starring Monsour del Rosario

Bagging awards for his work as a filmmaker at the Cinemax HBO Action Film Competition, the Urban Action Showcase and Expo at the Ambassador’s Night under the Film Development Council of The Philippines (FDCP) in 2017; Vince Soberano was Known for his skills in Martial Arts later moving into film makingMonsour-del-Rosario

Lou Baron Sings “Love’s Theme” A Great Musical Piece from The Master Of Love Himself Barry White by Maria Urduja Osit-Li

Barry White and Lou Baron’s generation emerged from an era in the mid 60’s and 70’s where Roots rock was evolving up to the late 1970’s as a fusion of several genres and sub genres of rock music & Roots rock combining some elements of folk, blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll, A— genre ; exemplifying “back to basics” sound. Although Lou Baron referred to herself as an accidental singer; Her cross over to a musical career was un-unexpectedly phenomenal on all counts, reverberating an avantgarde kind of sound & talent and maybe even a whole musical production in the near future. Teaming up with Barry White “The Master of Love” himself tagging an exemplary career in music for five decades until He passed on in 2003, “Love’s Theme” was first released in 1972 sang, recorded and performed (in Disco and Pop) by The Love Unlimited Orchestra, Album: Rhapsody in White Released: 1974, Andy Williams · 1972 and Rick Braun in 2005.27591934_10156189747427148_17100305_n

Alvin Anson; Re-learning His Craft from Being A Great Villain to Doing Character Driven Roles by: Maria Urduja Osit-Li

While the entire story line of every movie is dedicated to the hero’s journey usually played by a mainstream lead Actor, villains are actually important forces that oppose the protagonist that keeps the audiences emotionally charged while watching a film and a motion picture will succeed or fail based on the quality of the antagonists and protagonist chemistry altogether. Alvin Anson has been on this track since 1995 doing various TV shows and 50 motion pictures under his belt during his entire career. The Actor also crossed over from working on mainstream projects to the independent film band wagon where his skills is in place to craft amazing villain roles.alvin9

Lou Baron’s Book Scripted in Heaven hits Germany online

Scripted in Heaven is a story about the physical and metaphysical healing of Dr. Robinson V. Baron. It is a story of a surgeon who believes he is invincible. When the misguided night of his soul succumbs to the relentless, illicit carnal seductions and lures him to the cesspool of mortal sins, he ‘meets’ Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, who’s been dead for over 29 years, and encounters a saving grace that delivers him from the portals of perdition.- Splash Magazine


The Second book is as captivating as the first one…

I Called Myself Cassandra: A Spiritually Captivating Saga, Page turning; Utterly Insane & Inspiring Memoir- Maria Urduja Osit -Li on Quora.com


Though, that is not all the book is about; ‘I called myself Cassandra” contains time frames, its narrative continually looping back to earlier events in its characters’ lives, so Lou’s story regularly slips into the painful & sexually charged past is a memoir largely concerned with Saga with a hint of odyssey.