Lourdes Duque Baron, Releases Song Tribute To John Lennon, “(Just Like) Starting Over”


West Hollywood, CA (Top40 Charts/ Bella Luce Productions)Lourdes Duque Baron’s release, “(Just Like) Starting Over” was recorded with AKNU, the group who enraptured Simon Cowell on the X-Factor in 2013. Music producer and song writer, Sam Salter (Omarion, Tabu from the Black Eyed Peas, and Destiny’s Child) performed background vocals for the track.

Lourdes Duque Baron
I wanted to make the songs of this album, including ‘Feeling Good,’ like they’re chapters in a book, to try to really capture what I’m thinking about in that season of life. This record, to me, is probably one of the most interesting subject wise.

Lourdes Duque Baron, under the production of multi-platinum music producer, Andrew Lane, has just released the eighth song on her highly anticipated CD, her arrangement of “(Just Like) Starting Over” on MTV. Baron’s version is a tribute to the late John Lennon proves to be a charmingly nostalgic. “(Just Like) Starting Over” was recorded with AKNU, the group who enraptured Simon Cowell on the X-Factor in 2013.West Hollywood, CA (Top40 Charts/ Bella Luce Productions) Lourdes Duque Baron’s release, “(Just Like) Starting Over” was recorded with AKNU, the group who enraptured Simon Cowell on the X-Factor in 2013. Music producer and song writer, Sam Salter (Omarion, Tabu from the Black Eyed Peas, and Destiny’s Child) performed background vocals for the track. Read more at: https://tr.im/1UHlA


Lourdes Duque Baron Hope For The World Foundation Concert Review – Magnetic, Dazzling, Sultry-Splash Magazine


The work and advocacy was Documented as a short film and after Winning the W.I.N.D International Film Festival for Best Short Film Documentary in March this year, a non-profit organization that is tagged as the female “Oscar Awards”an award-giving body that is focused on promoting filmmakers, with emphasis on female talent. Recognizing Hollywood Royale since 2011 through 2016 with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Di Caprio and Steve Harvey; Hope for the World Foundation bags another Prestigious award with the Telly Awards; followed by a third award for the short film category through the Impact DOC AWARDS 2017.

The goal of the Hope For the World Foundation is to raise $1 million.  The goal is an ambitious one, but will be instrumental in the mission’s effort to deliver quality healthcare services to the most vulnerable and impoverished people across the world.  The Hope For the World Foundation is committed to fostering partnerships with sponsors and donors in order to support the medical mission as well as providing perishable and non-perishable goods to the community. Please visit The Hope for the World Foundation Official Website for more info.- Splash Magazinehe headline act….Lourdes Duque Baron. Baron is a 67-year-old Filipino-American who brings new meaning to the phrase “age is just a number.” This music artist has numerous projects on the horizon, including book tours, producing a feature film (an adaptation of her book “Scripted In Heaven,” view official website here) and recording more original music. Her soon-to-be-released song, “My Spring In Paris,” is already being considered for a Grammy nod. However, the project most near and dear to her heart is the Hope For The World Foundation, a non-profit organization she recently established to raise funds for the World Medical Mission run by her husband and surgeon, Dr. Robinson V. Baron. Lourdes teamed with Lane in 2013 to produce her debut album, appropriately titled “Feeling Good At Any Age,” as a tool to raise funds and awareness for this cause. On this particular night, she graced the audience with four selections from her album.

The Contenders For Pangasinan’s That’s My Talent Finale ; and The Charity Work Behind the Competition

The Contenders for The 2nd Semi Final Round for “Pangasinan’s That’s My Talent” (First List ) from the Different Municipalities in the Largest Province, Noth of Luzon!



Mayor Ramil Ventenilla Municipal Mayor, Mangatarem, Pangasinan

Lourdes Duque Baron

Lourdes Duque Baron


Jay Tee Wilcoxson

This event was organized by Timeless Entertainment Label Inc. based in California under Lourdes Duque Baron and Ideale Productions based in Philly, Pennsylvania under Jaytee Wilcoxson, in cooperation with Mayor Ramil Ventenilla (Municipal Mayor) of Mangatarem Pangasinan.

The Talent search’s aim is to showcase young performers and talents in the Province to keep them off Drugs and off the streets and to enhance their raw talent in Performing Arts.

Proceeds and sale of tickets will go to the poorest students in Public Schools in the area.

Mangatarem is a 1st class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 73,241 people.
Mangatarem is a Pangasinan word for “mango plantation” The town’s name also came from the Ilocano Phrase which means “mango and oyster.”

The municipality is home to the Manleluag Spring Protected Landscape.

Pangasinan is the name for the province, the people, and the language spoken in the area. Indigenous Pangasinan speakers are estimated to number at least 2 million. The Pangasinan language, which is official in the province, is also one of the officially recognized regional languages in the Philippines.

Pangasinan has several ethnic groups who enriched the cultural fabric of the province. Almost all of the people are Pangasinenses and the rest are descendants of Bolinao and Ilocano, who settled the eastern and western parts of the province. Pangasinan is also spoken as a second-language by many of the ethnic minorities in the Province.

The minority ethnic groups are the Bolinaos and the Ilocanos.

Pangasinan was first founded by Austronesian peoples who called themselves Anakbanwa by at least 2500 BC. A kingdom called Luyag na Caboloan, which expanded to incorporate much of northwestern Luzon, existed in Pangasinan before the Spanish conquest that began in the 16th century.

The Kingdom of Luyag na Kaboloan was known as the Wangdom of Pangasinan in Chinese records. The ancient Pangasinan people were skilled navigators and the maritime trade network that once flourished in ancient Luzon connected Pangasinan with other peoples of Southeast Asia, India, China, Japan and the rest of the Pacific. The ancient kingdom of Luyag na Caboloan was in fact mentioned in Chinese and Indian records as being an important kingdom on ancient trade routes.

Popular tourist attractions in Pangasinan include the Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City and the white-sand beaches of Bolinao and Dasol. Dagupan City is known for its Bangus Festival (“Milkfish Festival”). Pangasinan is also known for its delicious mangoes and ceramic oven-baked Calasiao puto (“native rice cake”). Pangasinan occupies a strategic geo-political position in the central plain of Luzon, known as the rice granary of the Philippines. Pangasinan has been described as a gateway to northern Luzon and as the heartland of the Philippines.

A Journey of Faith at the Iglesia Ni Cristo/ Church of Christ, Traveling Back to the First Century Church…

in EagleNews

After being “Churchless” as a Christian for the past  10 years or so, finally a Church has found me.

My Indoctrination was not easy for the Iglesia ni Cristo members and the Ministers who walk me through my Spiritual journey;  I was combative and very proud to even listen to them at times…I asked too many questions that I was assuming none of them can answer.

They replied to me with patience, kindness and humility through the Bible.

After Six months of Biblical Studies and Church Doctrines (minus the religious dogmas) my time came for Baptism. Hailed as one of the successful and  influential Church in latter times, the congregation is now established in 84 countries and territories world wide with members from different ethnic back grounds and races.

A Church that was installed in the Philippines in 1914 by Brother Felix Manalo, based on Biblical teachings and doctrines of the first century Church founded by Jesus Christ and his Disciples in Jerusalem. In 1996 the Jewish State of Jerusalem accepted and recognized the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) and allowed Church services since then, which is now known as the return of the original Church of Christ to Jerusalem.

Doubtful and un-trusting; I did my own research in and outside the Bible. I also inquired about the Negative issues that was hovering over the Iglesia ni Cristo and they explained, again always pointing to the Bible.

After six months of Biblical studies and Doctrines, I finally let my guard down, realizing that their teachings were simple, Bible based and not to mention—it was also Historically based.

Going back to the basics, common sense  and Humility allowed me to understand the teachings/doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in spite and despite of my skepticism and fear of losing friends (which never happened), I am (still)  learning the ropes inside the congregation, since my Baptism in 2016.

History and Faith played so much “role” during these times, there were a few  verses in the Bible that moved me all through out my studies and eventually led to my Baptism; International Standard Version
“You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. I have appointed you to go and produce fruit that will last, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you.

New International Version
having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead.

The last verse speaks and answers why The Iglesia ni Cristo does not and will not celebrate Pagan/Greek/Roman based festivals such as Holy week, Easter,  Christmas and Valentine day;   New International Version
“I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to me.”

I was also impressed how and why they keep on building Churches in the country and all around the Globe, through Church contributions, again pointing to the Bible: New International Version
“Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build my house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored,” says the LORD.

Contributions are all accounted for and other contributions goes to our “Pamamahayag” (to Evangelize) and “Lingap” a charitable work for INC members and none INC members, (including) in the times of natural disasters and calamities.

It is very difficult for me to adjust to all of  these, but I am pulling through by God’s grace and with the help of Church members, aside from this my life is pretty much normal with Christian responsibilities, that I hope, that I can manage by God’s and Christ’s Grace.

Michael Gavrizescu and Lou Baron a Fussion of Talent from Two Generations will Rock Audiences in Philippine Concert

najrj7yb5xoxmsyh0ujkgrammyMichael is scheduled to rock Filipino audiences along with Filipina-American Artiste Lou Baron on September 30,2016 at 4:00PM in GARDEN OF ANGELS INTEGRATED SCHOOL COMPOUND, Sta Cruz Balagtas Bulacan.

Josh Yape, Angono Artist Will Perform w/ Heber Bartolome at his Homeground

Josh Yape, a 14 year old  Artist will perform on  DECEMBER 27, 2015 at RIZAL, TAYTAY, BINANGONAN,CARDONA billed “AWIT KAY INA” ( A Song for Mother) this Holiday season.

“Awit Kay Ina” Jsh Yape, Heber Bartolome

Also performing in the Provincial concert is  Heber Bartolome along with Mark Abra Mark Kaizer T. Sanchez,  Roweno Tecson introducing   Daniella Romino. BANGIS NG PINOY

Catch them at KINAMAT RESTO MUSIC BAR at  GUIDO ANGONO RIZAL,, 4-6PM. Tickets are available at BANGIS FM, call DJ Charlie Potatoe/Charlie for tickets @ 09169023644.

VIBERS 888 Resto and Sushi Bar: A Venue for the 7 Field of the Arts.

Sammy Asuncion and Jean Paul Zialcita Bringing  the House down.
Sammy Asuncion and Jean Paul Zialcita Bringing the House down.

Seeing the House for the first time in a sprawling 2,000 square meter lot, in the middle of Pasay City along Leveriza Street..reminded  me of the crowd from  Old Malate.   Equipped with state of the art Stage and sounds with a sushi bar for clients who would want to dine while enjoying Aesthetic energy;  Vibers 888 also has an Art Gallery for Visual Artists who would want to mount their art work in the area.  The Bohemian spirit came alive and  bumping into familiar faces in Visual Arts, Music, Film and even Fashion; meeting former Fashion model and cat walk Icon Bessie Badilla (who I toured with around the Art gallery along side composer and Puerto Rican Guitarist Oz Rivera…my date for the night as Paul puts it) was more than this writer could ask for. The Resto Bar and Art Gallery opened in January with the owner’s advocacy in mind… to create a place for up coming Bands, visual artists, poets, composers–Cesar Llamas the in-house Artist and curator says it is a venue for the seven field of Arts.

In my case as a writer…it was a place to find Muses!  the old house was built in 1937 and is owned by a Chinese family and was bought by Dennis Dy two years ago, tired of concentrating on business; Dy thought of converting the house into an Art Haven in the middle of a bustling city, along side Andy Sanchez who is known in the Biz as the brother of 80’s Matinee Idol KENO and Visual Artist  Cesar Llamas who moved back from New York.  It was indeed  a night of music, great minds and muses.

The performing Artists of Vibers came from different parts of the metropolis all talented and promising with a unique brand of music and Art; Jean Paul Zialcita the dude who introduced me to the place is himself a rising talent hence the term “BAKUNAWA RISING” equipped with recycled Aqua drum which he started developing since 1999, he is also a Filipino Martial artist and percussionist– the way he combined the different arts  progressively through the years is working out well so far.

Oz Rivera a Puerto Rican Composer and Guitarist is a Philippine resident who formed a band here and called it Timelight Panorama. Oz also composed  music for Jose Rizal’s “My Last Farewell” yet unpublished and did Vibers 888collaborative work in the album “Wake the Nations” recorded in Finland along side music producer and lyricist Risto Tuonamen. Rock (guitar) Legend;  Sammy Asuncion, our  answer to Jimi Hendrix formerly a part of Pinikpikan Band is also in the House and is always ready to bring the house down fresh from Europe.

Photo credits Jean Paul Zialcita

Mr. and Mrs. Zialcita with Andy Sanchez and Sammy Asuncion
Mr. and Mrs. Zialcita with Andy Sanchez and Sammy Asuncion
Mrs. Zialcita with Cesar Lamas
Mrs. Zialcita with Cesar Lamas

copyright 2015

Oz Rivera with Mrs. Zialcita and Co.
Oz Rivera with Mrs. Zialcita and Co.
Vibers 888 Stage
Vibers 888 Stage
Jean Paul Zialcita and Mom (Mrs. Zialcita)
Jean Paul Zialcita and Mom (Mrs. Zialcita)